Prologue-The First Place where we met by Chance

「Oh, are you an adventurer?」

After the young woman was saved from the monster who was attacking her, she suddenly asked me if I was an adventurer.

「I guess I am jobless?」

I answered her question while tearing off the fur of the demon monster.

「Jobless? I haven’t heard of such a thing. You seemed very used to fighting, are you perhaps in a Guild?」


I could have been an adventurer instead of being jobless. I once had the idea of being one but I didn’t since it seems troublesome.

「Then what is your job?」

「None. Didn’t I say I was Jobless? If I am forced to, I’ll just defeat a monster and earn some money.」

「For you to earn your daily income…you’re still in your teens,right? But if you are strong enough to knock down chimeras, certainly ther must be a reason… for your parents, maybe?」

「No. I had my foster parent but he died one year ago.」

「…..I’m sorry. I shouldn’t have asked.」

「No, don’t worry about it. Then, I’m going now.」

After I finished skinning the fur, I started to leave,


The young woman stopped me rom leaving,

「Do you have any relatives?」
「No. I live alone, but what does that got to do with this?」

I was wondering why the woman strangely seemed to consider my words. But I got my answer immediately,

「I have a proposal for you! …Do you want to be an adventurer?」

That conversation is where it all started. I’m sure that if I did not save that woman, I would spend the rest of my life hunting down monsters to earn money ’till the day my life ends.

Thanks to this chance encounter, I of the jobclass,jobless, would go to adventurer training institution–Royal Academy of Jupiter as an adventurer cadet.

29 thoughts on “Prologue-The First Place where we met by Chance

  1. arryeka

    Good job, transistor-san. Please add subscribe button to your site please, it will certainly boost the number of your readers. Thank you!


  2. Realized it looks dickish just putting mistakes.

    Anyways the story looks interesting. Hopefully either the MC is fun or the harem girls are interesting otherwise things get stale.

    Thankfully the MC isn’t japanese reincarnated or transported and from his way of speaking he sounds like he’s the type that speaks his mind.


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