Chapter 3: Adventurer’s Training Institution-Admission to the Royal Academy of Jupiter (3)

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I need to beat the familiar which the Headmaster has summoned. It was a simple and straight-forward examination, but it is quite unexpected.

「Haa….(sigh) If that’s what you want I won’t stop you anymore.」

Lania sighed dejectedly,


I voiced out my admiration.
Well, we can’t start the battle here at the headmaster’s room. I too have at least that much of common sense in me.

「Is this your first time seeing spatial magic?」
「Oh, there is this kind of magic as well?」

The moment the headmaster stood up and recited an incantation or something—the scenery warped and the room turned into a vast wasteland.

「You’re probably wondering where is this place, right? This is a space made out of magic.」

(A space made out of magic? That reminds me….. my mentor, Eine, said that there were different kinds of magic….)

Harnessing the power of the elements of the world, gather it to one’s self, that is how a magician is able to produce magic.

For example, when one gathers the fire element, they can produce a flame that can burn everything, with water, they can produce a stream that can cause a flood, wind element can also be used to create a tornado. Turning something that exists in the world and turning it into another is a miracle called magic. You cannot use magic without changing something. And to do this, you need a certain process to produce a certain effect. The process used can vary from person to person and the magic that they are using.

However, ones capability for magic is different. Magic is a miracle one can bring out depending on the amount of magic power they possess. Every resident of this world have magic power, but those that have enormous magic power, enough to be able to use magic, are quite rare.

The amount of magic power that an individual has were already decide from birth. No matter what you do, your magic power capacity will neither decrease or increase for your whole life.

In other words, only those with aptitude for magic and have vast amounts of magic power can use it. This is a field where one’s effort cannot change anything.

It is quite extreme, but with magic, as long as you have enough magic power, anything is possible—-even if its to create another continent from completely nothing as long as there is an overwhelming amount of magic power.

And the process that happened to create a continent is unnecessary. No matter how big it is, it is still possible to create it using magic.

Such almighty power that is normally impossible is made possible by the miracle called magic. However, because a person does not have such quantity of magic power it is impossible to happen. Because of magic having such requirements, many people are deemed incompetent to become magicians.

That is the thing called magic.

The spatial manipulation the the headmaster used to create this world cannot be called “magic” but rather “sorcery”. Moreover, the time used to create the process for magic was completed in no time at all.

Just this was enough to prove the power of the headmaster.

「Are you wondering about how the headmaster can use such magic?」
「That is simple, I am a magician, after all」

The headmaster laughed boldly. How can I possibly lose to youth like you? I feel that is what he was saying.

…..That reminds me, before Lania entered the headmaster’s room,

『Headmaster, the magician of the great guild that took down the demon lord.』

Well, he did do something like that.
Seems like he truly is a great magician.
「…..I did go together with the heroes.」
「Did you feel scared then?」
「No way. It was quite easy fighting him that we even saved a lot of time.」

I was quite surprised, but not to the extent that I was chickening out.
Rather, this seems to be getting more interesting.

「Well, this isn’t the first time I met a magician.」
「Then…..why don’t you show it to me—-the extent of your abilities.」

The headmaster bent his knees and thrust his hands into the ground.

「Respond to my call――」

Those were only the words that I heard.
For a summoning magic, it was a fairly short incantation.


Is this the magic of the headmaster? It became hard to stand as the earth began to tremble—

(Yabai~tsu!) {TLN: “Not good/This is bad.” I kept it like this because I can’t decide which to use.}

–Not long after—Gaga~tsu Gaga~tsu moth Gagagga~tsu Gagaga! {TLN: Can’t imagine the SFX here.}

Together with a roar, the earth cracked. Before the crack can reach me, I jumped and put some distance between me and the headmaster.

「I thought you won’t be attacking me?」
「Of course」

The headmaster removed his hand from the ground, stood up and said that to me with dignity.

Hey, then what the heck do you call this crack on the ground—such words resounded in my head.


An inhuman roar resounded from the depths of the earth.

(That’s impossible{no way}……)

Gogogogogogo, Gagaga Gagagaga—. [TLN: Seriously, what are these ridiculous sfx?]

The intense shaking continues. The strange sound gradually increased as it became closer. Something was moving in the depths of the earth; no, something was approaching us from below.

Dogan! Dogan! [SFX]
ドガン! ドガン!

Huge nail-like rocks protruded from the broken ground. The identity of the one who was below the ground was,


Along with a second roar, a dragon’s head came out of the ground. although it still hasn’t come out fully, its face was covered with protective scales made out of lumps of earth.


Its forefoot was much larger than my whole body. It has a long tongue with teeth as sharp as a blade, instant death awaits those who gets bitten by it.

Dogan! Dogan! [SFX]

And the whole dragon crawled out at last.
Its length is…30 meters?

(To actually summon a dragon……)

Dragons, said to be the strongest race in the history of the continent. The existence called the King of Creation. There seems to be only a few of them surviving in this world now a days, but to be able to fight one here in this place is really….

「GA! Headmaster- isn’t too much to summon a dragon (Earth Dragon)!」

Lania’s impatient voice became high pitched as she talked.

「No need to worry. I can control it quite well.」
「Th, That isn’t the problem!」
「Then what is the problem? Do you see that person complaining?」

Lania who was speaking went bun~tsu. She hurriedly looked at me, glaring with eyes filled with contempt.

「What is it?」
「What’s wrong with you! You might die, you know! No matter how much the headmaster is able to control it, you still――」
「Just wait and see.」
「You don’t even have the proper equipment–」

I ran before Lania was even able to say something.

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