Chapter 2: Adventurer’s Training Institution-Admission to the Royal Academy of Jupiter (2)

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And, when we finally reached the tenth floor,

「This here is the Headmaster’s room.」

Lania told me. The staircase has already ended at this level. There were many doors and rooms on the lower floors, but this floor has only one room ahead. How much time did it take to climb up here?

「I know you lived by the country side but here, the headmaster is the most important person in the academy. The headmaster was once a wizard of a great guild, a former adventurer, who fought and defeated Demon King. Sadly, the guild disbanded after Demon King’s subdual.」
「Eh…the demon king….defeated,huh…」

I have heard about this story. The great adventures of the heroes who toppled the Demon King’s reign and subdued him.
If not for them, we won’t have this peaceful life. Monsters who roamed about are really few compared to time when the demon king reigned.
But it doesn’t mean that when they defeated the demon king, all the monsters are gone, there are still demons in unknown lands, as well as those that live in unexplored dungeons.

By the way, a guild is an organization where different adventurers gather together, the so-called ‘Adventurer’s Guild’. Those that can graduate from the academy can join a guild and take up different missions called ‘quests’. There are quests such as monster subjugation, dungeon exploration, as well as collecting materials. It may be said that quests decide the world’s affairs and development. This is second-hand information I got from my master and foster parent, Eine.

「Therefore, I ask you to please show respect and be polite in front of the headmaster. Though you are little bit cocky, I don’t like a person who gets angry easily.」

Lania knocked on the door saying,

「Excuse us, headmaster. I brought the adventurer cadet that I recommended.」

After Lania finished speaking, the door slowly opened by itself.

(Heee….to be able to use magic to open a door…)

It seems that the headmaster is fond of elaborate planning. I am quite fond of that youthful attitude.

「Please excuse us.」

I followed Lania into the headmaster’s room. Sitting behind a long desk with his elbows on top of the desk was the discernible figure of an old man.

(ehh…so this old man is the headmaster, huh…)

Because i heard about him being being a great wizard, I imagined him to have a long beard and a robe instead of this healthy-looking grandpa.

He wears a black robe that stretched along his back. In his face was a fearless amile, filled with confidence, without any sign of his age. Doesn’t he have to had a white hair and a long beard if he is old? His bushy beard was trimmed beutifully, looking very clean, far from my image of a so-called ‘wizard’. It was very hard to discern his true age.

「Sorry to keep you waiting. This person here is――」
「Oh, are you Mars-kun? I am the head of this academy, Cadus Liner」
「I’m Mars Ruina.」
「Mars! Mind your language when speaking to the headmaster….!」

Lania was feeling helpless. Sorry, but I have not received education since I was born so I did not know the usage of honorifics in speech.

「No need, i don’t mind it. So, has Mars-kun already heard about the purpose of the academy?」
「About it being an academy that trains adventurers?」
「My Royal academy of jupiter is the only academy supported by ten countries to bring up adventurers in the continent. In other words, most of the people entering this academy aims to be an adventurer.」

When I first met Lania, she told me the same thing but,

「I never really wanted to be an adventurer. The only reason I came here because Lania invited me to.」

Actually, I spend everyday lazing around and if I ran out of money, I’ll just hunt a monster and earn some income for myself. I spent my days doing worthless things repeatedly, such was my life. But that doesn’t mean that I’m dissatisfied in my way of leaving. Simply I was bored when I accidentally saved Lania, so I decided to accept her invitation in becoming an adventurer.

That’s the only reason. Really—

「I already heard about the story from Lania-sensei. In your case, there is a special reason why we asked you to enroll at our academy. Of course, we won’t force you to become an adventurer. But isn’t there a reason why you decided to enroll in our academy?」
「A reason….」

Though I did lived through everyday just lazing around and being idle, there is one thing which I wanted. I won’t be ablee to get it if I continue to live alone in the mountains. Therefore, I had an expectation that my wish might be fulfilled when Lania asked me if I wanted to be an adventurer. So,

「One, I only have one reason.」
「And what would that be?」

Asked the headmaster, looking very curious,

「….I want to make friends.」

That was my answer. And the only wish I had when I came to this school, I want to fulfill my goal. Never in my miserable life did I have someone to call a friend. Maybe it was because of the environment where I lived in. That’s why, in this place where many people gather, I seriously want to go and make friends.

「Friends….? Hmmm. It was quite unexpected but your reason is fascinating.」

His strict expression loosened slightly.

「are there a lot of students here? I didn’t have time to spend with people of my age, and so far there is not anyone whom I can call a friend. Therefore, I want to make a friend for life here.」
「Indeed. Despite being an academy that raise adventurers, the fact that it is an academy will never change. This is a place where one does not just learn but also a place where students make friends.」

Headmaster smiled as if satisfied and nodded greatly.

「I understand your reason for coming here. But I want to confirm it once more.」

The headmaster’s cheeks tightened, he looked up at me with his previous serious expression.

「I heard from Lania-sensei about your ability. Won’t you show me its power, as well?」
「Power? What should I do? Is there a monster here at the academy and you want me to defeat it? Or would you rather fight me instead?」

Lania seems to be baffled by my words. And the Headmaster said,

「Hahahahahahaha! Fight against me? It’s been decades since the last time I was challenged like that!」

The dean was laughing, seemingly quite pleased. Seeing the Headmaster laughing, Lania was dumbfounded with her mouth wide open. It was sucha stupid expression that I honestly want to show it to herself. When Lania noticed me, she hurriedly closed her mouth and glared at me.

(W..Why is she glaring at me…?)

Though I did look at her, it’s still unintentional. Well, putting that aside,

「I am very sorry for laughing like that. Just that it’s been a long time since I found someone as amusing as you. This one really wants to go and see your power, but I am still the headmaster. I really can’t fight against a student, even if it’s just a spar. Unfortunate…but….those are the rules…」

The headmaster hesitated while stroking the beard on his chin,

「I cannot fight you myself but how about fighting one of my familiars?」
「AH! Headmaster, no matter how one puts it, that is still…..」

Is it really that surprising? Lania was showing a bewildered expression when she heard the headmaster’s proposal.

(Is there really a problem about fighting the director…..?)

I only hoped to be told what to do, I’m honestly disappointed.

「If that’s what you prefer,it’s okay to do it right now.」
「Do you understand what you are saying? Did you even listen to me? About the Headmaster being one of the heroes who saved the world?」

「So? What about it?」
「What do you mean ‘what about it?’….? I know that you are strong but no matter how strong you are, against a hero you’re still….」

「Were you even listening? It’s not like I’m gonna fight the headmaster himself, right?」
「Of course, I’m only going to be fighting using my summoned familiars. And if things get dangerous, I’ll resummon them back immediately.」
「That seems to be the case.」

Lania felt helpless when she heard our argument.

(By chance, does Lania have a headache? She always seem to have a hard time understanding our conversation.)

Then, if those entrance examination that happens every year are more tedious than this, I bet that is already the end for Lania.

「Then, let’s start immediately.」

Thus began my entrance examination to the Royal Academy of Jupiter.


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