Not Dead! But on a Really LONG… Break.

Well, a lot of things happened and I feel like I should tell you that I should be inactive until the end of march which marks the ends of the school year. Things have been quite hectic with Investigatory Projects, Researches, Performance Tasks, Curricular Activities, Programs and a lot more schoolwork popping up left and right. SO I decided to take a really…………….long……………break. Well sorry that I have disappointed you for my utter negligence of the site and translations and hoping that you will still read this stuff by the time I started translating again. If any of you wants to pick this up then feel free to do so. Rather, I hope you do since January, February and March are the most hectic of all the the months that are there in a school year, with a lot of requirements needed to pass, not to mention I had to keep my grades up since there is a fierce competition. I might sneak in a few chapter or two in the following weeks but don’t expect anything. Well, that is all for my useless ramblings and excuses. And I am very sorry to you guys! Makina signing out!

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