Chapter 4-Adventurer’s Training Institution – Admission to the Royal Academy of Jupiter (4)

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[PS: Announcement at the end of the chapter.]


I rushed to engage the Earth Dragon.
「Are you crazy, that thing might send you to the other side/world!」(Lania)
I heard that a dragon’s roar made their opponents lose their fighting spirit. But that might be a lie. ‘Cause now I’m,
(I can’t help but feel excited…..!)
As I closed the distance,
(First, I’ll go and test it around for a bit…..)
I concentrate magic power on my palm.
Using the fire element, I pictured a bullet made from fire—this is Devil Magic Bullet of Fire.
The moment the magic was finished, I fired the magic bullet towards the dragon.
–One shot. –Two shots. –Three shots.
All of them hit. It didn’t even have the intention of dodging it in the first place; its huge body didn’t move an inch.
The rock scales covering its body acted as an armor against physical attacks.
The strong image it has when it came out of the ground isn’t just for show, there does not seem to be any damage to it whatsoever.
[TLN: The machine said that it has a firm image, so i changed it to a strong one instead.]
(It can be said that this is expected, but for it to actually take no damage at all….)
I gave myself a bit more speed and cut down the distance some more.
「Now you can understand how strong is the defense of the Earth Dragon.」(Headmaster)
Though he was hidden behind the Earth Dragon, the Headmaster’s voice still reached me.

Of course, I did not attack without thinking. Because of the rock-like scale covering the body of the Earth Dragon, damage does not pass through the parts which you commonly attack.
–Therefore, I cut down distance between us.
「Ho~o….. Such a tremendous amount of magic power.」(Headmaster)

I was concentrating magic power into my palm while running.
Once again, I used the power of the fire element.
Attracted by the enormous amount of magic power in my palm, it formed a huge mass of flame.
This is one of the magic I am most proficient at.
However, it is just a simple blow using a huge chunk of fire.
But depending on the amount of magic power used, even such a simple magic can produce an attack with overwhelming destructive power.
The Earth Dragon used its forefoot in an attempt to halt my advance.
But because of its huge size, even though it contains destructive power, its attacks were truly slow–I avoided it as I plunged towards the bosom of the dull-witted dragon.
(O~tsu–this guy!) [TLN: Irritated speech ‘O~tsu―― koitsu wa!’]
I’m really lucky.
To land in the bosom of the Earth Dragon.
Is it just the area of the stomach?
In the body of the dragon covered by defensive scales, there is always the absolute weak spot somehow or another,
[TLN: Basically, he was thinking that there are other weak spots except for the stomach and that is the bosom or chest of the dragon.]
「――Take this!!!!!!」(Mars)

[TLN: I took the liberty to change it from ‘eat this’ to current.]
I nailed down the condensed ‘Flame Explosion’ hard on the barren, earthlike skin of the dragon which was not covered in scales.
[TLN: Flame Bomb is the literal translation of 爆炎. Liberty of changing it to Flame Explosion. Accepting a better suggestion.]
An intense explosion and a strong blast occurred.
The roars and screams of the Earth Dragon overlapped with the explosion as its massive body was sent flying by a single blow.
But it wasn’t only the dragon who received the damage.
My whole body was baked by the hot wind and it burns as it is.
My actions would have been equal to a suicide attack if my magic defense didn’t ignore the damage.
This time I used the element of water–which I used as defense magic.
I imagined an armor of water covering my whole body.
The armor of water completely protected me from the heat–as well as protecting my body.
But–even if the heat can be stopped, it cannot stop the force of the explosion.
My body was blown by a considerable distance.
I landed safely but with some distance between me and the dragon.
But this could prove quite useful as well.
My attack worked. A fissure appeared on the ground and an intense thud DOGOOOOOOOOOOOO can be heard–as the Earth Dragon fell.
{MTL: Too OP, brah!}
(If I was there, I would be under its belly by now.)
Such a carefree thinking was going through my mind as I watched the Earth Dragon.
However, since it yielded a result, even if there was a lot of risks, so I’m gonna stop complaining for now.
「The Earth Dragon…… single blow…」(Lania)
Admiration from Lania and the interest of the Headmaster.
Even though it’s different from what I expected, I still did not leave quite a bad impression.
(Still, this quite anti-climatic…..Or is this already the extent of the dragon’s power?)
Isn’t this their greatest disgrace?
This means that their strength was just for show then.
「After considering the defense of the Earth Dragon, a strong blow was immediately given through a close proximity. It takes great courage to execute that plan after considering the risks.」(Headmaster)
I seemed to be praised somehow or another.
He said that after I defeated his familiar to this extent–
「…..But a dragon won’t die from damage of this degree.」(Headmaster)
「Wa?! Oioi, if that’s the case then why is lying there like–」(Mars)
And as if to prove the words of the Headmaster,

It raised its big body and let out a roar.
The pressure emitted by the dragon is much stronger than before.
「The Earth Dragon finally seemed to recognize you as an enemy it should defeat no matter what.」(Headmaster)
(I see….)[TLN: Naruhodo…..]
I wasn’t even recognize as an enemy (until I hit it) a while ago.
「What to do now? I now know your power to some extent. Certainly, your power is enough to be qualified to enter this academy. May I take this already as you passing the entrance exam?」(Headmaster)
Just with this?
The dragon has yet to receive a fatal wound, even if it did fall once.
The battle is not yet settled.
Yet I already passed?
「Wait a minute. I can still continue fighti–」(Mars)
「Mars, the Headmaster already said that you already passed. This time, please let it be.」(Lania)

Lania said in a slightly stronger voice,
「For what purpose did you come to this academy? It is not to fight, right? The Entrance Exam has already ended. If you understand, please accept it.」(Lania)
I know she was right but it’s very hard to accept things as it is.
「Let’s just say you’ll continue fighting, won’t you be called a battle addict in the classes you’ll be taking? Would you like that? Won’t you get embarrassed? ‘This guy is a battle addict.’ Imagine yourself being known by the students that way. No one will ever approach you, you know! Even if you are a student of the academy, you would never be able to make any friends in that way….」(Lania)
(Just what is with this instructor…..!)
「And the Headmaster is still the Headmaster. To summon an Earth Dragon to fight students. Even if it’s just playing around, isn’t your type of playing a bit too much?」(Lania)
「Don’t say that. It has been a long time since I met such a lively young man. A prank of this extent is still excusable.」(Headmaster)
「It isn’t! If you keep this up, can you still call yourself the Headmaster of this academy? All of the students will surely be interested in Mars if you continue. As for transferring to this academy, won’t he attract the attention of the other academies as well?」(Lania)
「Mu~u….that would be unfortunate. I still want to keep his existence a secret. In addition, I am quite fond of him, you see.」(Headmaster)

[TLN: Liberty. Changed from ‘I like him’ to ‘ I’m quite fond of him’ since the former sounds like a homo.]
Then the Headmaster struck both palms against the ground like he was kneading bread, the dragon who was just summoned disappeared, and the space distorted and we went back to the Headmaster’s room.
「Mars, I know you aren’t satisfied with this, as well. Let’s continue this on your final examination. I, myself, will keep you occupied by then.」(Headmaster)
The Headmaster gave me that suggestion. It was a shame I was not able to defeat the dragon, but it seems that fighting the Headmaster will be much more interesting than fighting the dragon.
「…..I understand.」(Mars)
So, I’ll let it go for now.
「Umu…Then, Mars-kun, congratulations to your admission! We welcome you to the Academy!」(Lania)
I tightly grasped the Headmaster’s out-stretched hand.
「By the way Headmaster, am I already good enough to take the final exam? How about I take it tomorrow?」(Mars) [MTL: Excited much?]
I was intending to say that seriously but,
「Fu-Fuha~tsu, Fuhahahawahahawahaha!」(Headmaster)

[TLN: Suppressed laughter at first then full blown laughter]
「……Haa…….It seems you’re quite troublesome…in various ways…」(Lania)
Why the Headmaster was laughing, why Lania seemed like she was amazed, I truly can’t understand the reason why.


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