Ya, Hallo! This is IamMakina’s first translation Project!

I aim to be an adventurer with the job class of “Jobless”


Withuout a goal, a boy named Mars Ruina, who spent everyday lazing away, saves a girl named Laina from the attack of a monster.—–Defeating the monster in an instant, she witnessed Mars’ true power, and inquires which Adventurer’s Guild this must-be famous adventurer is from. However, the truth is Mars’ Job Class is simply “Jobless”.—The, Laina invites Mars to train to be an adventurer under her tutelage.—Although having a job class of “Jobless”, this exceedingly strong boy somehow or the other aims to become an adventurer. Before he realizes it, he has already formed a harem on the road of his expedient success story.

Raws: http://ncode.syosetu.com/n2818cv/

I would probably translating 3 chapters a week. But I would be translating at least 5-7 chapters this week. Hope you guys await the chapters everyday. There is no set date in posting the chapters after this week. BTW, if you still did not know, this is just a Machine-based translation, so please don’t be too hard on me!

9 thoughts on “Ya, Hallo! This is IamMakina’s first translation Project!

  1. Sora-kun

    I’ll rely on you from now on please keep the project up ^^
    i’m starting to like the prologue so let’s see if it continue to develop more and more


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